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Allows real-time visualisation and analysis of the grid or solar energy supply, as well as instantaneous consumption in the home and V.E. charger. Available on Google Play and Apple AppStore.

VIARIS Management Platforms

Discover our 3 management tools that will help you solve any type of charger installation. Find your best ally for the efficient and simple management of your homeowners' association, for the recharging of private corporate fleets, the unattended monetisation of your charger and its management on public roads, the control of its maintenance and updating, etc.


photovoltaic integration

Our chargers are designed for seamless integration into any photovoltaic generation system so you can get the most out of your installation and enjoy your energy while you drive.

SPL-ORBIS Exclusive


Ideal accessory for community or business installations. The ORBIS SPL system regulates the power demand of electric cars, allowing charger networks to be expanded and contracted power to be reduced.


Specific Electric Vehicle Power System (SAVE) test tool, allows the charger to be checked by simulating the connection of an electric vehicle.

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