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POWER MODULATION How to get the most out of your recharging system?

The ORBIS power modulator is the only one on the market with the function of intelligent selection of the single-phase/three-phase charging mode for the use of low available power. For this reason, VIARIS chargers are protected by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office's Utility Model. The intelligent chargers in the VIARIS range from ORBIS have the most advanced modulator on the market, as its new modulation system gets the most out of your installation.

This exclusive advanced modulation system, unique on the market, is responsible for constantly analysing the total power consumed by the home and managing the power available for recharging the vehicle battery, in the most efficient way and without exceeding the maximum power limit of the installation. In this way, we can supply energy to the home and at the same time charge our electric vehicle, even if the available power is very low.

The power modulator allows us to charge our three-phase vehicle in single-phase mode, and thus take advantage of the low power available, until there is enough power to start a faster charge in three-phase mode.


It is a title that recognises the right to exclusively exploit an invention, preventing others from making, selling or using it without the owner's consent, as defined by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Optimisation of the contracted power.
  • Prioritisation of household consumption over other consumption.
  • Prevention of unexpected tripping of overload protections.
  • ORBIS is the only manufacturer with this functionality available, as it has the Utility Model number 202230298 recognised by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

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