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At ORBIS we are pioneers in Electric Mobility, developing, for more than a decade, smart EV chargers that manage energy efficiently to maximise charging time and energy savings. Reliable and durable chargers with innovative functionalities to cover all management needs. From charging points in private environments, to public or corporate charging networks.

All our R&D&I projects contemplate the interconnectivity of products in the environments of the Internet of Things (IoT), Management Platforms (Smart Cities and Industry 4.0) and Data Intelligence (Big Data) to always offer cutting-edge products.

In turn, all our products come with a three-year warranty and our manufacturing and distribution process is guided by a social and sustainable commitment to the highest international standards of safety, quality and environmental sustainability.

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We understand the importance of providing reliable and efficient products to ensure a safe experience. That's why we ensure the highest levels of performance and durability. Because quality is key to driving the transition to more sustainable electric mobility.

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A commitment to sustainability is built into every aspect of our manufacturing. We design durable, high quality chargers with durable materials and state-of-the-art technology. We seek to provide solutions that contribute to improving the future of the next generation by making efficient use of our scarce resources.

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Our unwavering commitment to innovation has enabled us to position ourselves as industry leaders, where we continue to develop innovative new technology to help us optimise energy efficiency and maximise our users' experience, thereby driving the unstoppable advance of electric mobility.

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We strive to provide exceptional service from first contact to after-sales. Our highly trained in-house team is always ready to help and respond to all queries and needs, thus offering a more agile, efficient and closer in-house technical service, highly recognised among our customers.
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