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VIARIS Management Platforms

VIARIS IoT diagnostic platform:
Our ideal platform for facility maintainers, which allows access from the same web access to the different chargers to monitor, configure and supervise the status.

  • Display and status of chargers.
  • Linking chargers to e-VIARIS App users.
  • RFID card management.

VIARIS Cost Sharing Software:

  • Ideal technological solution for neighbourhood communities or corporations with a network of chargers for private use.
  • It facilitates the management of the consumption of users who activate the recharge by means of authorised cards or RFID tags, allowing for the repercussion of costs and the sending of receipts according to consumption.
  • Manage and control your installation and its consumption in a simple and very fast way.

VIARIS Management Platform:

  • Charge top-ups completely unattended.
  • Automatic issuing of invoices or receipts to users.
  • Users pay for top-ups in App with integrated TVP. 

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