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The only system on the market with 3 charging modes that also allows you to recharge your car in a 100% renewable way thanks to a state-of-the-art SOLAR integration.


  • SOLAR: Charges only with 100% solar energy, no consumption from the mains supply.
  • HYBRID or ORBIS modeUnique on the market: Prioritises charging with solar energy, and if this is insufficient, supplements it with the minimum grid current necessary to ensure highly efficient recharging and avoid unnecessary disconnections.
  • SOLAR/RED: Charging the EV with the sum of the maximum selected grid power and the available solar power. Thus achieving the maximum charging speed.

Prioritise solar chargingIf this is insufficient, it supplements it with the minimum mains current to secure the load and avoid unnecessary disconnections.

Perfect adaptation with all Solar Inverters on the market in both domestic and industrial installations.

Drive your 100% car ECO-FRIENDLY thanks to VIARIS SOLAR.

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