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Smart Electric Car Charging Stations

The most comprehensive and efficient electric vehicle charging solution for public spaces and private use. Cutting-edge technology and design.


A pioneer Spanish company in the international electrical engineering industry for over 70 years.

We manufacture and sell electric equipment focused on efficient energy use and management, offering a 3-year warranty on all our products. We do so respecting our social commitment and in accordance with the strictest international safety, quality and environmental sustainability standards.

Innovation and technology in millions of products installed in over 60 countries, providing our own brands of effective solutions.  

Our motto, Smart Energy, highlights that commitment with the widest product portfolio in the market for installation, public lighting management, smart home, air conditioning, measurement and electric mobility.

Orbis was a pioneer in the Electric Mobility strategy, developing since more than ten years ago Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for public spaces and private use, with innovative functionalities covering all management needs, from private use charging points to public or corporate charging networks.









extras & accessories

App VIARIS: Aplicación para la gestión y control remoto del consumo energético


Application for remote management and control of energy consumption of both the home and electric vehicles, as well as for viewing these consumptions, from a Smartphone.

Available in Google Play and App Store.

  • Remote switching on and off
  • Configuration of automatic activation periods
  • Configurable warnings on the charging status
  • Ability to manage one or several VIARIS
  • Real-time information on the total installation and electric vehicle energy consumption
  • Record of home or installation and vehicle consumption per hour, day or month
  • Query the charging time and consumption of each vehicle to allocate energy costs
  • Query consumption habits per week days or time slots
  • Activation and deactivation of RFID cards
  • Updating the charging station firmware
  • Configuration of OCPP connections
  • Configuration of power limits
  • Free download for iPhone and Android

Management Platform

This platform monitors, records and supervises actions on the VIARIS smart charging stations. Valid for a wide range of users and charging scenarios: on the public roadway, for a private EV fleet, for apartment blocks and for public car parks.

  • Charging Points: Registration, configuration, control panel and statistics and incident display.
  • Cost and time schedule: Charging cost configuration, measuring time and energy. Scheduling the charging point working times.
  • Charging: Detailed charging display in the associated points, shown by dates and exportable as CSV.
  • Vehicles: Management of internal EV fleets, with consumption and statistics display.
  • RFID: Management of RFID cards associated with recurrent users of internal EV fleets, apartment blocks, etc.
  • Wallet: Management of the available balance generated by the charging performed with the user App and movement display.
  • Bills: Display of generated bills

  • Map: Search charging points with power and availability search filters.
  • Activation and bookings: Instantaneous charging activation with booking option.
  • Charging: Detailed display of the charging history log.
  • Wallet: Available balance management, with the option to add to your balance via a debit/credit card or PayPal, and to withdraw from your balance via a bank account.



This Electric Vehicle Specific Power System tester, enables the charging station to be tested by simulating the connection of an electric vehicle.

  • Valid for charging stations up to 64 A
  • Can test Charging Mode 3 with Type 2 connectors
  • Equipped with an LCD display indicating: vehicle state, active phases, charging station current and power, earthing verification and oscilloscope mode CP signal display

  • Generates vehicle status (disconnected, connected, charging, etc.)
  • EV fault simulator: CP earth fault and CP D diode fault
  • Simulates hose coding (PP) 13 A, 20 A, 32 A, 64 A
  • Measures power provided by the charging station (PWM in CP)

  • Phase presence and sequence indicator
  • Installation earth connection verification
  • Residual current differential (RCD) test 30 mA AC
  • Fault current test 6 mA DC (RDC-DD)
  • External charging socket to generate actual consumption max. 8 A (1800 W)

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